Angsana For Family & For Kids

Indulge in a time of family bonding and fun while enjoying a delightful range of treatments thoughtfully created for both adults and little ones. Ideal for kids aged 7 to 14. There is something even for the little ones.

Quick Guide

  • Recommended
  • Couple
  • Light Pressure
  • Moderate Pressure
  • Deep Pressure

For Family

  • Family Bonding

    Embrace the new definition of “family time”....

    • for mum or dad: 30-minute body polish • 60-minute body massage
    • for kid: 30-minute body polish* • 60-minute body conditioning massage

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  • Boys' Hangout

    There is nothing better than a relaxing father...

    • for dad: 90-minute body massage
    • for son: 30-minute body polish* • 45-minute body conditioning massage • 15-minute nail cut
    • *choices for kid’s body polish:
    • cocoa adventure
    • milky way
    • pink strawberry

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