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Angsana Gallery features a key range of contemporary Asian-style home furnishings, resort apparels, Angsana mementos and Angsana Spa-inspired hair and body care toiletries, essentials oils, aromatic incenses, massage oils, as well as Angsana-branded amenities like handcrafted ceramic burners and incense holders.

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Top 10 Best Sellers

Jasmine & Frangipani Body Lotion

Infused with Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil, this body lotion is packed with antiseptic properties and plump deep moisture into dry and dehydrated skin, leaving it nourished and soft. 





Jasmine & Frangipani Shower Gel

Infused with Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil, this shower gel soothes and moisturises skin, leaving it feeling hydrated and smooth. 









Jasmine Frangipani Shampoo

Infused with Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil, this lightweight shampoo cleanses scalp thoroughly while encouraging hair growth by strengthening the hair roots. It also calms dry and frizzy hair, nourishing them into smoother, softer hair. 





Jasmine Frangipani Hair Conditioner

Infused with Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil, this conditioner with rich moisturising properties to nourish and calm dry and damaged hair, leaving hair smoother and healthier-looking. 






Jasmine & Frangipani Glycerine Soap

A reliable soap for even the most basic of routines, this gentle cleansing bar uses plant-based ingredients to pull moisture from the air into skin, leaving your body feeling fresh and soft to the touch.

Rub bar over wet skin to create lather, then rinse off with warm water.





Jasmine & Frangipani Essential Oil

Infuse your space with the natural perfume of this pure essential oil, or let yourself unwind with the help of its aromatherapeutic properties.

Restore inner calm by simply putting a few drops into an oil burner, or into a bathtub filled with hot water for an aromatic, relaxing soak. Do not use on skin undiluted, and avoid contact with eyes and mouth. Not for internal consumption. Keep out of direct sunlight, and away from small children. Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. Best used within one year of opening.



Cream Ceramic Incense Holder

Handcrafted by Asian artisans, pair this lead-free ceramic incense holder with our hand-dipped incense sticks for a rejuvenating experience.






Cream Ceramic Oil Burner

Create a romantic and relaxing ambience by dripping your favourite essential oil onto this elegant cream ceramic oil burner.






Angsana Burner

This elegant and delicately crafted oil burner brings a rustic charm to your home while gently infusing your space with comforting aromas.